“As one of the largest electrical and low-voltage contractors in the Southwest, Cannon & Wendt has worked on some very high-profile projects including national luxury hotel chains in Phoenix, AZ. In our opinion, Hitachi cable is the best value in the industry, cost-to-performance-ratio, and the fact that it pulls out of the box and terminates so well attests to their R&D investment and manufacturing processes. Add the fact that it is 100% USA Made and it is no wonder why we are seeing more and more projects specified with Hitachi cable.”

Kerry E., RCDD
Cannon & Wendt Technologies
Phoenix, AZ

“We at Valley Health realize the importance of a thorough evaluation process for our cabling needs at our multiple sites. Recently, we were introduced to HCA’s copper and fiber optic cables. We liked that the product was 100% made in the U.S., but when we saw the performance that their cables provided, in addition to the value, we were sold. Also, since they use Corning optical glass in their fiber optic cables, we were convinced that HCA offered high-quality products. Having used HCA cable on numerous projects since, we have found them to work extremely well and deliver reliable throughput.”

Jim M.
Valley Health Systems
Winchester, Va.

“A number of years ago, prior to a large project, we did an exhaustive evaluation of a wide range of communication products, including cables. We did bake-offs of all the cable candidates. What we found was that the HCA’s cables performed as well, if not better, than all the others. They offered an exceptional warranty, responded very quickly to our needs and were, overall, easier to deal with than the other companies. We chose to use their products. Since then we have continued to use HCA cables and have installed miles of their cables on our campus. We have never experienced a problem.”

Don G.
University of South Florida
Tampa, FL

“As a national design-build integrator, we have been using Hitachi cable for some time now. We have had zero issues with performance or installation and in fact did comparison testing before a major deployment. We found the Hitachi cable to perform as well or better in side-by-side testing with comparable cables and the performance vs. price point is the reason we have installed Hitachi fiber and copper in such accounts as Sedgwick CMS and Lear Corporation nationally.”

Christopher H.
Sterling Heights, MI

“We recently completed three new buildings and used HCA copper and fiber optic cables throughout. We have found their products to be exceptionally well built and they deliver the performance that we need. As a medical organization, our network traffic is significant and growing. To keep up with that growth, we wanted cables that could accommodate increased traffic and deliver optimum performance well into the future. We chose cables from HCA because we know their products are engineered to exceed the standards and they stand behind them with an exceptional warranty.”

Shawn M.
St. Luke’s Hospital & Health Network