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Hitachi Cable America


Hitachi Cable America
Choosing the Right Cable
Communication is key!
I am Hitachi
Preparing Interlock Armored Fiber Optic Cable for Termination
Preparing Category 6 Plus™, Premium™, & Supra 660™ UTP Cables for Termination
Preparing Category 6A Supra 10G™ UTP Cable for Termination
Preparing Category 6 ECO™ UTP Cable for Termination
Conduit Fill Chart on the Box
Cable Boxes That Hold Up
Power over Four Pair LAN Cables
Intro to Small Diameter  High Performance 6A Cable
Category 5e Power+ UTP Cable
Making High Performance Copper Cables
What is Drybit? | Hitachi Cable America
Drybit Cable Preparation | Hitachi Cable America
Drybit Cap Installation | Hitachi Cable America
Technology in Healthcare | Hitachi Cable America

Hitachi Cable has built its brand and its reputation by providing the very best cabling solutions in the industry. As an innovative cable manufacturer, Hitachi Cable has come to learn that providing a solution means much more than just delivering the appropriate cable for the project. For Hitachi Cable, the real solution lies with providing more than what the customer expects. Whether it's outstanding customer service, a better value, or a fast turnaround, we strive to be better than the competition. And, we are very proud of what we do and how we do it. The videos in this section are intended to demonstrate that not every cable manufacturer is created equal. Throughout our Manchester, New Hampshire facility we incorporate both time-tested and cutting edge cable manufacturing technology to build our cables. We regularly invest in the latest equipment to ensure our product is the best and we welcome the opportunity to show it off. We hope you find the videos informative.

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