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SCSI Stranded TC Twisted Pair Cables


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SCSI Stranded TC Twisted Pair Cable

SCSI, 5 through 50 pair, 28 AWG stranded TC Twisted Pair Cables

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  • Physical Description
  • Applications
  • Specifications
  • Eco-Index
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SCSI Lite™ Cable Features

  • Constructed for Use with High Density connectors
  • A Low Cost, Highly Flexible Alternative to True SCSI 2 and SCSI 3* cables
  • 28 Gauge (AWG) stranded conductors and Thin Wall Insulation provides size advantages over standard RS-232 cables

* The Name SCSI-Lite™ Refers to the Cables' Dimensions and not Electrical Properties. SCSI 2 requires a minimum if 90 Ohms (Ω) differential. HCM's 48621 series is only 80 Ohms.

SCSI Lite™ High Density Interconnect Cable Description

Basic construction of the SCSI High Density Interconnect electronic cable uses 28 Gauge (AWG) stranded tinned conductor SR-PVC insulation .028" Nom. OD. Conductors are then twisted into wire pairs with varying left-hand lays to reduce crosstalk. The required number of pairs are cabled with a left-hand lay, then shielded with both an AL/PET tape (AL side out) and braid shield. A 28 gauge (7/36 TC) drain wire is pulled in between the shields. The HDI cables are jacketed with Pebble Gray Hi-Flex PVC.**

** Pebble Gray (850) is standard for this product but other colors are available upon request.

SCSI Lite™ Cable Applications

  • Use with high density connectors
  • General purpose point-to-point
  • Low voltage applications
  • Ideal for telco and datacomm applications

SCSI Lite™ Cable Specifications

Download PDF Specifications  on SCSI-Lite Cable Wire

Conductor Insulation Nom. Primary OD Tape Braid Drain Jacket
Inches mm
28 AWG
SR- PVC .028 .711 100%
Polypro Tape
36 AWG
N/A Flex PVC
Ω/Mft. @20°C
Capacitance Nom. SE
Imp. (Ω)
Nom. Diff***
Imp. (Ω)
Prop. Delay
pf/ft. (G-S) pf/ft (G-S-G) ns/ft. Max
Delta ns/ft
67 22.7 27.2 60 80 1.87 .050

** Pebble Gray (850) is standard for this product but other colors are available upon request.
*** Measured Shield Floating.

Part No. No. of Conductors No. of
Core Layout Nom. Jacket OD Color Code
Inches mm
48621-10-850-S-01000 10 5 5-0 0.210 5.334 Band Marked
48621-12-850-S-01000 12 6 5-1 0.225 5.715 Band Marked
48621-14-850-S-01000 14 7 6-1 0.225 5.715 Band Marked
48621-20-850-S-01000 20 10 8-2 0.267 6.782 Band Marked
48621-24-850-S-01000 24 12 9-3 0.275 6.985 Band Marked
48621-26-850-S-01000 26 13 10-3 0.278 7.061 Band Marked
48621-36-850-S-01000 36 18 11-6-1 0.309 8.849 Band Marked
48621-40-850-S-01000 40 20 13-6-1 0.315 8.001 Band Marked
48621-50-850-S-01000 50 25 13-9-3 0.354 8.992 Band Marked
48621-68-850-S-01000 68 34 18-11-5 0.390 9.906 Band Marked
48621-100-850-S-01000 100 50 20-16-10-4 0.468 11.887 Band Marked

SCSI Lite™ Cable RoHS Eco-Friendly Index

<90ppm <5ppm <5ppm <5ppm <1000ppm
Pb Cd Cr+6 Hg PBDE's

Hitachi Cable America is making every effort to provide Lead free and Cadmium free products to help protect our environment. To this end Hitachi Cable America, Inc. has adopted RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) as its standard. Hitachi's website Eco-Index is designed to inform the interested user of contents of various restricted or banned elements in terms of parts per million. In most cases, the numbers stated are from actual lab tests using the acid digestion method, considered to be the most severe measurement of analyzing content of restricted and banned elements. It is Hitachi's goal to be 100% compliant to European RoHS, including the removal of the Deca-BDE exemption dated July 1, 2008.

Distributor Name Phone Number
Anixter 888-264-9784
Heilind Electronics 800-400-7041
Mann Organization 800-553-5543
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