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Backbone Cabling

Backbone cabling systems provide necessary interconnects in your facility, providing the vital cabling foundation you need to stay connected. From your front office to telecommunications rooms, equipment rooms, and the manufacturing floor - backbone cabling holds it all together.

Backbone cabling provides the vital telecommunications access between different areas. Especially for busy and complex industries where fast and efficient exchange of information is necessary, a backbone cabling solution that can be depended on is a particularly valuable asset. With this in mind, whether you're buying cable for a healthcare facility or manufacturing complex, a fiber optic backbone cable system ensures that any facility is wired for success.

When designing a facility, it is important to anticipate the communications needs both now and in the years to come. By anticipating evolving data transmission and bandwidth requirements, greater savings can be realized in the future.

Backbone Cabling Includes:

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Fiber Optic Backbone Cable Benefits

Because of its ability to carry more data than copper, fiber optic cable is frequently used to link switches between telecommunications rooms. In this capacity it acts as a data backbone between rooms. Fiber is also commonly used for longer runs. For instance, Cat 6 cable has a maximum installed length of 295 feet - no matter what the application is. As a backbone cabling solution, multimode fiber can support gigabit Ethernet up to 1,000 meters and singlemode can support it up to 5,000 meters. Ultimately, when fiber optic cable is installed as a backbone cabling solution - the level of flexibility attained is much greater.

Cat 3, 5e, 6, or 6a for Backbone Cable?

Cat3 Cable is only used as a voice backbone cable between telecommunications rooms. It is not used to carry data. Because of this, the most efficient and future-proof solution for telecommunications backbone cable that can carry both voice and data is cat 5e, cat6, or cat 6a cable.