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Hitachi Cable America, Manchester NH

Breakout Cable

Breakout cable is a type of fiber optic cable that contains several fibers, each with their own jacket, and then encased by a single common jacket. Breakout cables are often referred to as "fanout-style" cables, which tend to be a more common solution with the use of a fanout Kit - which essentially adds a jacket to the fine strands of other cable types. Because each fiber in the breakout cable (or fanout cable) is individually jacketed and reinforced, the cable can be easily divided into single fiber lines, enabling termination with simple connectors, which can often be preferable for a number of applications.

Each simplex cable inside the outer jacket can also easily be used as patch cables. This not only allows for simple connector termination without requiring special junctions, but also reduces the need for patch panels and distribution frames.

Compared to distribution style cable comprised of tightly bundled cables in the same jacket, breakout cable adds strength to the cable for ruggedized drops while making the cable slightly larger and more expensive than distribution-style cable. Breakout cable is often used for short riser and plenum applications, as well as for use in conduits instead of a splicebox or fiber pigtail.

When industries call for breakout cables with improved attenuation, low smoke, and zero halogen - Hitachi Cable America is the source they turn to. As America's premier fiber optic cable source, we regularly provide breakout cables for uses ranging from industrial and medical applications to broadcasting and live concert feeds, where breakout cables are subject to crushing hazards.

Regardless of application, HCA breakout cables are designed for high tensile strength and convenient flexibility, with color and number coding to facilitate easy identification, especially when you're working with a large number of fibers.

Break Out Cable Varieties

To find the right breakout cable for your applications, please don't hesitate to contact your Hitachi Cable America representative today.