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Hitachi Cable America, Manchester NH

Bulk Cables

When you need to buy cables in bulk, you need a solution that can deliver the high quality you need with bulk pricing that helps you stay on schedule and under budget. Hitachi Cable America fulfills that need with bulk cabling for every industry. Whether cabling is needed for new construction or improvements, we regularly provide businesses from numerous industries with bulk cables when large volumes are required. Bulk cable products available range in complexity from simple cat3 premise cables to shielded cat 7 copper wires.

Bulk cabling solutions include a wide variety of cable types for the following industries:

Bulk cables and products include:

  • Premise Cable: UTP copper premise cable, Cat5e and Cat6 outdoor cables, patch cables, composite premise cables, industrial Ethernet cables, and more.
  • Ribbon Cable: high speed ribbon cable, bulk micro quick twist (MQT) cable, MicroZip cables, Mini Probe Cables, pitch ribbon cables, quick twist cables, shielded flat ribbon cables, ChannelFlex ™ cable, wide pitch ribbon cables, and more.
  • Round Cable: general purpose electronic cables, Infiniband / SFP+ Cables, bulk coaxial cables, bulk hook up wires, industrial control cable, industrial Ethernet cable, SCSI electronic cable, and more.
  • Fiber Cable: breakout indoor fiber optic cable, interconnect cable, multi unit indoor fiber optic cable, armored indoor fiber optic cable, and more.

From bulk coax cable to fiber optic cable, Hitachi Cable America has optimized our business on every level to deliver competitive costs and superior value. This makes us your ideal resource when a project calls for bulk cable. For more information, please don't hesitate to contact your Hitachi Cable America representative today.