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Hitachi Cable America, Manchester NH

Communication Cable

At Hitachi Cable America, we've spent years developing our processes and investing in the resources necessary to offer customers in a number of industries the data communication resources they need. Electronic data communications cable is manufactured by Hitachi Cable America to offer reliable, high speed data transmission that can be relied on in a wide variety of installation environments.

Data communication cable is frequently ordered in bulk and used for applications such as computers, audio/video, SCSI, networking, communications, and other connectivity solutions.

All data communications cable is designed and engineered to meet the strictest OEM standards and tolerances.

Shielded communications cable

Data Communications Cable from Hitachi Cable

Shielded round electronic communications cable is manufactured in Con24 Gauge (7/32) TC shielded multiconductor cables to ensure high performance with reduced EMI/RF emissions, and proper grounding

Our carefully engineered shielded data communication cable is also available with a large range of conductor counts (from 3 to 50), cabled together with a left hand lay, and shielded 100% with an aluminum/Mylar shield. Common applications for this cable type include I/O interface cables, internal and external interconnect cables for electronic equipment, sound and security devices, and more.

Unshielded data communications cable

Unshielded communications cable is available with 20 and 24 AWG stranded multiconductor construction. This cable is designed to be the ideal solution for a number of audio, control, and instrumentation applications as internal wiring or external interconnection cable. Other applications that frequently benefit from this design include desk calculators, dictating machines, X-ray equipment, and others. Like shielded data communication cable, this cable is available with a large count of conductors, available in bulk, and packed on 1,000 ft reels.

For more information on data communication cable, please don't hesitate to contact your Hitachi Cable America representative today.