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Hitachi Cable America, Manchester NH

Optical Fiber Cable

As a fiber optic cabling specialist, Hitachi Cable America is focused on providing high performance fiber optic cabling solutions that meet the needs of customers everywhere. As a company, we constantly rely on our long history of designing carefully engineered fiber optic cable for best-in-class performance, ease of use and flexibility. Given the always-on and fully connected nature of our world, these qualities are more important than ever before. With that in mind, our approach to designing and manufacturing fiber optic cables begins with the best materials and then combines state of the art equipment with our unique brand of ingenuity. The end result is fiber optic cabling designed to exceed your expectations.

Fiber Optic Cables we Manufacture include:

  • Indoor Fiber Optic Cables: Indoor fiber optic cable is used for two primary applications: building wiring applications and patching applications. Hitachi Cable America designs and manufactures a number of different indoor fiber optic cables with a number of specifications in mind.
  • Indoor/Outdoor Fiber Optic Cables: Indoor outdoor fiber optic cable is designed and manufactured to deliver the exceptional audio, video, telephony, and data signal performance needed for a variety of applications in corporate, educational, and government campus applications.
  • Outside Plant Fiber Optic Cables: Outside plant (OSP) fiber optic cables are designed and manufactured to withstand installation and exposure to external environments. Tough polyethylene jackets with carbon black, and designs with gel-filled loose tubes allow for OSP fiber optic cables to be reliably installed in even the harshest conditions.

Our facility takes advantage of state-of-the-art machinery that is constantly monitored to maintain optimal line speeds while simultaneously protecting the glass fiber at all times. From simplex fiber constructions to large, armored multi-fiber cables, our extensive selection of standard fiber optic cabling solutions should meet the needs for an extremely wide variety of applications.

Do you need a custom fiber optic cable? Or maybe you need a fiber optic solution that integrates copper cable, air tubes or other length-based components into a single cable design? HCA is the one source for all of your optical fiber cabling needs.

For more on Fiber Optic Cable from Hitachi Cable America, please don't hesitate to contact your Hitachi Cable America representative today.