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Hitachi Cable America, Manchester NH

Ribbon Flex Cable

At Hitachi Cable America, it has always been our goal to combine the optimized processes and state of the art equipment needed to manufacture truly unbeatable ribbon flex cable. By utilizing the best materials, processes, and equipment we are capable of delivering the tight tolerances and high quality that our customers need for a number of applications.

This attention to detail and commitment to quality allows us to produce ribbon flex cables with the specifications our customers need while keeping our costs competitive.Bulk ribbon flex cable available includes:

Performance Ribbon Flex Cable

  • High speed ribbon cables: Including popular products like HCA's Ribbon X Cable and Twin-Ax Jacketed ribbon cable, our high speed ribbon cables provide the ideal combination of performance and flexibility for applications ranging from testing and measurement to CPU management, parallel processing, and more.
  • MicroZip Cables: Designed for applications ranging from high speed termination machinery and high density interconnects to disk drives, high density drives, and other storage devices. MicroZip cables are available in tight tolerances of .025", .0333", and 1mm.
  • Mini Probe Cables: Mini probe cables are carefully manufactured ribbon flex cables for non-invasive probe devices, testing and measurement, CEP and CMOS video, ultrasound equipment, and other medical devices. Mini probe cables feature 100 Ohm construction, and ribbon twin-Ax Design.
  • 0.050" Pitch Ribbon Cables: .050" pitch ribbon cable is available in numerous configurations to match the varying needs of applications including parallel processing, internal wiring, high speed termination equipment, and much more.
  • Quick Twist Cables: Quick twist ribbon flex cable is manufactured and designed for superior performance in numerous internal wiring applications for electronics, computers, and business equipment.
  • Ribbonized Automation Cables:Ribbonized automation cable is used for linear motion applications, pick and place, medical and pharmaceutical devices, robotics, and many other applications. Various components are laid parallel, and fully laminated within an ePTFE jacket. A number of options are available for construction options outside standard specifications.
  • Shielded Flat Ribbon Cables: When you need a more durable solution for applications subject to harsher applications and environments, flat flex ribbon cables provide a solution. These cables are available in both shielded flat and round to flat configurations.
  • Wide Pitch Ribbon Cables: Wide pitch ribbon cable is available in .100" and .156" variations using 22, 24, or 26 AWG stranded tinned copper, extruded in PVC, and marked with a polarity stripe. Wide pitched flex ribbon cables are frequently used in auto seat heaters, appliances, board to board soldering applications, and the internal wiring of various types of electronic equipment.
  • Flexible Flat Cable: Flexible Flat Cable is a self supporting flat cabling system for medical and semiconductor clean-room flexing applications. This solution allows HCA to help lower the costs associated with robotics cable and medical cable by giving customers the option to buy just the cable components needed, and then assembling the cable at your facility.

Ribbon flex cable manufactured by Hitachi Cable America benefits from the careful foundation we've built for every one of our products. That begins with state of the art technology and rigorous quality control processes that ensure the ribbon flex cable you get is precisely what you need. It's our goal to give you the edge with better ribbon flex cables, and we look forward to helping you find the right solution. For more information on flex cable, Contact your HCA representative today.