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Hitachi Cable America, Manchester NH

Ribbon Wire & Cable

When you need flat and flexible ribbon cable for the internal wiring of computers, hard drives, industrial equipment, and electronic devices, Hitachi Cable America provides the performance solutions you can rely on, available in bulk to help give you the competitive edge you need while keeping costs low.

Our approach to designing and manufacturing ribbon wire cable begins with advanced equipment and the best materials, combining the two with a constant focus on quality control to produce cabling solutions that make a difference for your products and your business.

When it comes to ribbon wire cable, the key to low cost termination is ease of the termination during the IDC process, with consideration to minimize scrap. Every HCA cable design takes these factors into consideration to deliver our customers the highest level of value possible. Ribbon wire cables manufactured in our facility provide the lower time delays, lower in pair skew, and lower pair-to-pair skew numbers needed by applications with rapidly increasing demands everywhere.

While delivering industry leading performance, our bulk ribbon wire cable also continues to meet the need for smaller and more flexible cable solutions for internal wiring and electronics applications every variety.

Ribbon wire cable manufactured by Hitachi Cable America includes:

Ribbon Wires from Hitachi Cable America

  • High speed ribbon cables: For high speed computer systems, supercomputing, parallel processing, and more.
  • Microzip ribbon cable: For applications including high density interconnects, IDE HDD, Ultra ATA connections.
  • Mini Probe cables: For non-invasive probe devices, testing, measurement, CEP & CMOS video, ultrasound, and other medical devices
  • 0.050" Pitch Ribbon Cables: Available in numerous configurations to match the varying needs of applications including parallel processing, internal wiring, high speed termination equipment, and much more.
  • Quick Twist Cables: Quick twist ribbon wire cable is manufactured and designed for superior performance in numerous internal wiring applications for electronics, computers, and business equipment.
  • Ribbonized Automation Cables: Frequently used for linear motion applications, pick and place, medical and pharmaceutical devices, robotics, and many other applications.
  • Shielded Flat Ribbon Cables: When you need a more durable solution for applications subject to harsher applications and environments, flat flex ribbon wire cables provide a solution. These cables are available in both shielded flat and round to flat configurations.
  • Wide Pitch Ribbon Cables: Wide pitch ribbon wire cable is available in .100" and .156" variations using 22, 24, or 26 AWG stranded tinned copper, extruded in PVC, and marked with a polarity stripe. Frequent applications include auto seat heaters, appliances, board to board soldering applications, and the internal wiring of various types of electronic equipment.
  • ChannelFlex™: A self supporting ribbon wire cabling system for medical and semiconductor clean-room flexing applications. This solution allows HCA to help lower the costs associated with robotics cable and medical cable by giving you the option to buy just the cable components you need, then assembling the cable at your facility.

Your Bulk Source for Performance Ribbon Wire Cable

When you need high performance ribbon wire cable available in bulk for a competitive price, Hitachi Cable America is the source you've been looking for. For more information, Contact your HCA representative today.