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Hitachi Cable America, Manchester NH

SCSI Cables

SCSI, standing for small computer system interface, is a standard system used around the world for fast and effective connection and data transfer between computers and the devices connected to them.

SCSI cables available from Hitachi Cable America are available in numerous types and configurations to best suit the wide variety of applications they are used for. For the most part, SCSI cables are primarily available as bulk SCSI electronic cable and SCSI ribbon cables.

SCSI electronic cable is manufactured by Hitachi Cable America to meet the most rigorous specifications for computers, PC components, and other electronics. They are also designed and manufactured to satisfy the strict OEM tolerances required by various industries and applications. In order to meet the varying needs of our customers around the world, electronic SCSI cable is available in 28 AWG, 30 AWG SCSI Non Shielded, 30 AWG SCSI Shielded, and SCSI Lite HDI configurations for applications that call for particular size advantages over standard RS-232 cables.

  • SCSI Electronic Cables are commonly used for:
  • High density connectors
  • General purpose point-to-point
  • Telecom/Datacomm applications
  • Parallel PC processing
  • High speed interconnect CPU management
  • Board to board interfacing
  • Storage array systems
  • Blade storage devices
  • Parallel SCSI, Ultra SCSI, and Fast SCSI
  • RAID devices
  • And more.

The Right SCSI Cables for Your Applications

When you need high performance SCSI ribbon cables and SCSI electronics cables, Hitachi Cable America has designed and manufactured the solutions that deliver the high performance and reliability you can count on. With comprehensive service and bulk pricing, HCA is your premiere source for SCSI cables for virtually any requirement. To learn more, Contact your HCA representative today.