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Hitachi Cable America, Manchester NH

Twisted Shielded Cable

With twisted shielded pair cable, you and your applications benefit from years of innovation that have made twisted shielded cable a ubiquitous solution in industries and applications around the world. By leveraging our industry leading equipment with years of cabling expertise and the finest materials available, Hitachi Cable America is dedicated to manufacturing competitively priced solutions that make a difference in even the most demanding applications.

While twisted pair cable has remained a popular solution for many years, the opportunities to modernize have been many. This has allowed us to add twisted shielded pair cable to our catalog that provide the performance needed for up to 10G Base-T 10 Gigabit Ethernet, as well as support for future applications such as 40GF and 100G. This enables reliable and high performance single cable support for multiple applications ranging from Ethernet and CATV to analog voice and VOIP.

Shielded twisted pair cable designed and manufactured by HCA includes:

Twisted Shielded Pair Cable

Do I need Cat 5e, Cat 6, or Cat 7 Twisted Shielded Cable?

The cable you need is ultimately up to your applications. To put it very simply, HCA's cat 5e twisted shielded cable is rated to 400 Mhz, with Cat6, Cat6a, Cat7, and Cat7a cables adding gradually more advanced performance characteristics and capabilities. For basic premise wiring intended for typical office or campus networks, cat5e shielded twisted cable is frequently used.

For more advanced reduction of cross-talk and system noise, Cat 6 cables are preferred to Cat 5 cable while being completely backwards compatible. For some applications, such as those requiring 10G Base-T 10 Gigabit Ethernet and up to 100G, category 6 and 7 twisted shielded cables offer a more future-proof solution that's ready for the high performance demands of the future.

To learn more about twisted shielded cable from Hitachi Cable America, Contact your HCA representative today.