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Hitachi Cable America, Manchester NH

Unshielded Twisted Pair Cable

Twisted pair cable is one of the most common types of premise cabling. However, that doesn't mean that the many applications that rely on UTP cable don't require a specific solution. With this in mind, Hitachi Cable America has carefully designed and engineered numerous unshielded twisted cable products ranging from Category 3 power sum backbone cable to category 6a 10G cables.

Which Unshielded Twisted Pair Cable is Right for My Applications?

With cable types from Category 3a to Category 6a, unshielded communications cable covers an extremely wide range of applications. For plenum and riser installation in basic premise cabling applications, category 3 cable is frequently used for 10 BASE-T and up to 24.6 Mbps ATM. For more performance oriented solutions, premium cat6 unshielded twisted pair cable is available tested up to 660 MHz for 10GBASE-T 10 gigabit Ethernet, broadband video, 622 Mbps ATM, and more.

Most plenum and riser cables are available with a number of options and configurations including available CMP-50 rated cables and numerous cable construction options. For exact specifications and to learn more about the individual UTP cable solutions from HCA, visit the links below or contact us today.

Unshielded Twisted Cable from Hitachi Cable America

  • Category 6a UTP Supra 10G Cables: Plenum and riser cable tested to 660 MHz. Features increased ANEXT performance, and guaranteed headroom to TIA and ISO Category 6a requirements. Designed for 10 gigabit Ethernet, 100BASE-TX Fast Ethernet and 1000BASE-T Gigabit Ethernet applications. Perfect for voice, T1 fractional 10BASE-T Ethernet, 155 Mbps ATM, and more.
  • Category 6A 10G-XE™ Cable:RoHS 2 compliant plenum and riser cable tested up to 500 MHz for single leg performance that exceeds TIA and ISO cat 6a requirements. Capable of 10GBASE-T and 1000BASE-T gigabit Ethernet. Exceeds crosstalk requirements for 10 gigabit Ethernet. Reduced diameter enables higher fill rates.
  • Category 6Enhanced UTP Supra 660 Cables:Bulk plenum and riser cable tested to 660 MHz, offers guaranteed headroom to TIA and ISO Cat6 requirements. Meets requirements for all applications developed for Category 6 or class E cabling (with backwards compatibility).
  • Category 6 UTP Premium Cables: Tested UPT o 660 MHz, up to 155 Mbps ATM, 10GBase-T for applications ranging from voice to 155 Mbps ATM, 100 Mbps TP-PMD, broadband video, digital video, and more.
  • Category 6 ECO UTP Cables: Tested from 1 to 555 MHz. No internal pair separator. Manufactured with 100% post-consumer materials and a small O.D. to permit more cables per conduit. Features up to 100BASE-T4 fast Ethernet, and compatible with all applications developed over category 3 or class c cabling.
  • Category 6 UTP Plus Cables: : Tested up to 555 MHz and engineered for enhanced performance. Offers guaranteed headroom to TIA and ISO Cat 6 requirements. Capable of 10G BASE-T 10 gigabit Ethernet, 1000 BASE-T Gigabit Ethernet, 1000 Mbps ATM, 100 BASE-T Ethernet, broadband video, and more.
  • Category 5e Enhanced UTP 350 Cables:Unshielded twisted pair wire. Tested to 400 MHz for plenum and riser installation.
  • Category 5e UTP Premise Cables: UL verified cat 5e, compliant to TIA category 5e cable requirements and tested to 400 MHz for various applications ranging from 10GBASE-T Ethernet to 100BASe-T4 Fast Ethernet.
  • Category 5e Power Sum Multi-pair Cables:Plenum and riser cable tested to 100 MHz. This unshielded twisted pair cable is component compliant to TIA Cat 5e power sum backbone cable requirements. UL verified Cat 5e.
  • Category 3 Power Sum Multi-Pair Cables:Tested to 16 MHz, component compliant to TIA cat3 power sum backbone cable requirements. Ensures minimal corruption from alien crosstalk with compatibility for all applications developed for Cat3 (class c) cabling.

To learn more about the right unshielded twisted pair cable for your applications, Contact a Hitachi Cable America representative today.