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Hitachi Cable America, Manchester NH

UTP Cable

When you need bulk plenum and riser cable, the unshielded UTP wire designed and manufactured by Hitachi Cable America is the solution you need. UTP wire from HCA offers varying cable designs for numerous performance requirements, with bulk solutions available to help keep costs low.

Hitachi Cable America has a long history of designing and manufacturing advanced copper and fiber optic communication cables. Throughout our process, the wire cable is painstakingly engineered for optimal performance, ease of installation, flexibility, and reliability. For this reason, we manufacture unshielded twisted pair cables for even the most rigorous applications. To accomplish this, our facility takes advantage of state of the art pair twist machinery, combined with constant monitoring equipment to ensure faster and more accurate production around the clock. UTP wire is drawn on its own copper conductor core to ensure that our bare copper is never exposed to air, contaminants, and corrosion or handling damage. High frequency signals travel on the "skin" of the copper, providing optimum performance.

UTP cables are available for both standard networking applications as well as networking for future high-performance applications that call for up to 660MHz and 10GBASE-T specifications. For a full list of UTP cable wire, see below:

UTP Cable & Wire

UTP Cabling, Cat3, Cat5, and Cat6

At Hitachi, we design and manufacture a large number of cables to effectively meet the needs of industries and applications around the world. For that reason, we provide UTP cable and wire ranging from Cat 3 premise cables to Cat 6a UTP 10G Cables. The cable chosen for any given application always depends on its requirements. Cat 3 cable is typically used for basic networking, voice, T1 fractional, 25.6 Mbps ATM, and 10 Base-T. Category 5 and 6 UTP cables provide higher performance characteristics for more demanding requirements up to 10GBASE-T 10 Gigabit Ethernet, and 622 Mbps.

To learn more about the right UTP cable for your applications, Contact your HCA representative today.