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Hitachi Cable America, Manchester NH

Hitachi Cable Querétaro History

Namihei Odaira - 1910

Namihei Odaira was born on January 15th 1874 in Shimotsuga, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan. He was Hitachi’s founder back in 1910.

First Product - 1910

Namihei Odaira and coleagues started manufacturing a 5 hp electrical engine. First Hitachi’s product, assembled in 1910.

Electrical Cables - 1956

Hitachi Cable was stablished in 1956 manufacturing electrical cables for the energy sector and by 1971 started producing rubber hoses.

HCQ Beginings - 1994

HCQ started up operations on may 3rd, 1994 being our bussiness line the high pressure hose assembly for hydraulic steering.

New Location - 2000

During 2000 we made our first expansion adding to our product line, metallic connections for high pressure hoses as well as the first breake hose assembly lines.

Certification - 2006

In 2006 we achieved ISO/TS and ISO 14001 certifications.

Plant Expansion - 2009

We expanded and moved to El Marques back in 2009, adding extra space forbreake hose assembly and connections.

ABS Sensors - 2013

On June 2013 the antilock ABS production started, including the wire assembly.

Hitachi Metals - 2013

In 2013 Hitachi Cable group becomes part of Hitachi Metals group division offering a wide variety of products and services including electrical cables, cooper productos for electric components and automobile parts.

Torque Sensors and EPB Harnesses - 2015

During 2015 started our product expansion adding the torque sensor production (Electric Steering) also the cable assembly for electric handbrake (EPB).

Philosophy - Reason of Being

In HCQ we work base don Hitachi’s philosophy and our values, with them we set our reason of being.

“We create safety, we care about people”

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