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Hitachi Cable America, Manchester NH

Corporate Social Responsibility

Since 1986, Hitachi Cable America's Manchester division, known as the Performance Cable Systems & Materials Division, has been manufacturing cable products. Before the very first reel of cable rolled off the manufacturing floor, Manchester's vision, like that of its parent company Hitachi Cable, Ltd., was to make top quality products while contributing to society in a positive and meaningful way. Through actions such as charitable donations, recycling programs, community involvement and employee empowerment, the Manchester facility has taken steps to be a leader in the cable market, and an example of how a company can grow in harmony with its community and the physical environment in which it operates.

The results we seek include a work environment both internal and external to our facility that fosters pride in those who work at the Manchester facility and the respect of those who live near it. We desire to be the envy of the immediate community, the communication cabling industry and even corporate Hitachi. We anticipate, however, that success in our Corporate Social Responsibility endeavors will never truly be realized. Like an athlete striving for perfection in his or her sport, one should never stop trying to improve oneself. As the Manchester facility continues to grow, so will our commitment to be the consummate corporate citizen.

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