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Hitachi Cable America, Manchester NH

Copper Premise Training Program Curriculum on Industry Standards and Practices

Hitachi Copper Premise Training

At Hitachi Cable America, we believe that those who work in the communication industry should take advantage of all the training they can get. Products are constantly changing to increase throughput and the standards are always evolving in anticipation of the next generation of hardware. Keeping up to date on the latest products, standards and practices can be challenging. To keep our customers informed, we currently offer a half-day training program that looks at how category cable is made, explores the variety of cable infrastructures available, identifies the performance differences, discusses installation techniques and identifies the appropriate codes that will influence your decisions. The program covers a wide range of topics and has been highly praised by installers, consultants, network engineers and end users. We're confident that after attending the course, you'll come away with a better understanding of the role that cable plays in the complex, ever changing communication industry.

HIT Program


Although there are no mandatory class prerequisites it is recommended that students/attendees have a working telecommunications vocabulary to fully benefit from this comprehensive training program. Class content addresses a wide breadth of topics relevant to professionals in the telecommunications industry.


Courses are offered throughout North America and at HCA’s Training Classroom in Manchester, NH. Contact your local Hitachi cable representative for additional information.


BICSI auditors have reviewed the Copper Training Program course curriculum. Students/attendees who are awarded certificates are eligible to receive 4 continuing education credit (CEC) hours from BICSI. These credits may be applied towards renewing BICSI Technician, or RCDD registration.


Contractors who participate in the Copper Premise Training Program or Fiber Optic Training Programs are eligible to become a Hitachi Cable Certified installer. Certified installers can offer Hitachi Cable’s Lifetime Warranty on registered projects that include HCA brand cables and approved connectivity. This warranty, which is similar to those offered by most connectivity manufacturers, covers the components, such as jacks, patch panels and cable and guarantees product integrity and application performance for the life of the infrastructure. Life is defined as the usable life of the building while occupied by the warranty holder. Hitachi Cable is very confident in the stand-alone and solution performance of our products. We are proud to be the only cable manufacturer to offer a lifetime warranty on our cable and the connectivity.

Note: Successful completion of the training program does not guarantee certified contractor status.

For more information contact Hitachi Cable America's Manchester, New Hampshire facility or your local sales representative