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Hitachi Cable America, Manchester NH

HCA Curriculum and Training Programs

Hitachi Cable America's Performance Cable Systems & Materials Division currently offers 2 training programs to keep its attendees up to date on the latest products, standards and practices within the telecommunications industry. A copper cable program and a fiber optic cable program are offered. Each of these half-day classes are designed to look at how cable is made, explores the variety of cable infrastructures available, identifies the performance differences between cables and discusses installation techniques.

Copper Premise Training

1. Copper Cabling Component Construction & Terminology
2. OSI Model and LAN Topologies
3. Industry Standards
4. Installation and Troubleshooting


Fiber Optic Training

1. Fiber Optic Theory
2. Making Fiber Optic Cable
3. Selecting the Right Glass
4. Cable Constructions
5. Installation Tips
6. Terminating Optical Glass
7. Testing Fiber Optic Cable