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Cu Bar


Our bus bars are finished by cold rolling a hot rolled material or finished by either cold rolling or drawing an extruded material. Other than tough pitch Cu, oxygen free Cu, as same for Cu rods, it can be produced with Ag tough pitch Cu, Ag oxygen free Cu.

Types of Cu Bars

Description Code Our Material Code Application
Cu: min. 99.90%
Superior electrical and thermal conductivity with good ductility and corrosion resistance.
For wire rod, switch bar, electrical parts.
Cu: min. 99.96%
Superior electrical and thermal conductivity with good ductility, stamping properties and corrosion resistance with no hydrogen embrittlement and superior welding brazing properties. For semiconductor heat sink, wire rod, switch bar, electrical parts.
OFC for Electron Tube C1011BB OFC-1
Cu: min. 99.99%
All properties stated above plus less separation of oxide layer.
For electron tube and flanges, magnetron vain.
Ag-TPC 3 AgTPC Ag content 0.027~0.034% for field coil for turbine generators
8 AgTPC Ag content 0.085~0.102% for field coil for turbine generators
20 AgTPC Ag content 0.15~0.25% for electrical component
Ag-OFC 3 AgOFC Ag content 0.027~0.034% for generator parts
8 AgOFC Ag content 0.085~0.102% for generator parts

Production Range of Cu Bars

Standard length of a bar is 5000mm and longer length (max. 10m) can be arranged in some cases.
Thickness over JIS standard(JIS H3100) can also be arranged.

Dimensional Tolerance

Thickness/Width Thickness Tolerance Width Tolerance length tolerance camber
under200 over200, under500 under100 0ver100, under500
over2, under3.2 ±0.08 ±0.09 ±0.8 ±1% +15
over3.2, under5 ±0.10 ±0.11 ±1.0
over5, under8 ±0.12 ±0.13
over8, under12 ±0.15 ±0.18
over12, under20 ±0.20 ±0.23
over20, under50 ±1.2% ±1.3%
  1. Camber is a depth in the width wise direction of an arc in unit length of 2m.
  2. For more severe tolerances are required, or required size is out of range from the above list, may be able to accept in some cases.

Specified Chamfer Radius

The standard chamfer for Cu bar is less than approx.0.8mm and also the types listed can be applied. Round edge and full round edge can be applied in some cases.
Thickness(㎜) Width(㎜) Chamfer radius(㎜)
2min 5max 10min125max About 0.8
5over8max 10min300max About 1.2
8over50max 15min100max About 1.6

Mechanical Properties of Cu Bars

Classification temper Tensile Strength Bend Test
Tensile Strength
Bending Angle Inner bending radius
TPC Bar(C1100BB)
OFC Bar(C1020BB)
OFC Bar for Electron Tube(C1011BB)
O 2min
195min 35min 2min
180° 0.5 times the thickness
1/4H 2min
215〜275 25min 2min
180° 1 times the thickness
1/2H 2min
245〜315 15min 2min
90° 1.5 times the thickness
H 2min

Bending test will only be conducted if requested directly by customer.

Electrical Conductivity

Temper Thickness(㎜) Electrical Conductivity %(20℃)
TPC,OFC OFC for Electron Tube
O 0.5min 100min 101min
1/4H 2max 98min 98min
2over 99min
1/2H 2max 98min 98min
2over 99min
H 2max 97min 97min
2over 98min
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