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Hitachi Cable America, Manchester NH

Rail and Rolling Stock Wires and Cables

Rolling Stock

As the development of railway networks continue to advance, demand is growing for rolling stock and components. In response to this demand, Hitachi Metals has developed an extensive range of rolling stock cables which are employed in railway projects worldwide. Our products comply with major industry standards, while our product design, with safety at its core, can be tailored to meet the customer's individual specification.

General & Signal Circuit:

Hitachi Metals offers a wide range of cable solutions. Using unique insulating materials, we are capable of supplying thin-walled wires and cables, using unique insulating materials. Benefits to customers include reduced cross section and weight.

LAN Cables:

Application of on-board LAN cables has expanded to passenger information service and rolling stock control. Hitachi Metals supplies international-standard based LAN cables suitable for wiring in rolling stock.

High Voltage System:

Hitachi Metals is a key supplier of 30kV high-voltage cable and termination accessories. We have an established track record of delivering high voltage systems to some of world's most advanced high speed railway systems currently operating in Japan and China.

Main Circuit:

When a high current is required, heavy & thick rolling stock wires are generally used. Hitachi Metals offers unique insulation technology, which enables the customer to apply high current through lighter & thinner wires.

Jumper Cables:

For coach-to-coach applications, we offer special robust construction cables to withstand vibration.

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