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Hitachi Cable America, Manchester NH

Harsh Environment & Industrial Ethernet Solutions

Hitachi Cable America designs and manufactures high-performance industrial Ethernet cables for users that demand superior performance and exceptional reliability. Our cable constructions are intended to exceed longevity expectations while providing maximum throughput. We do this by using higher quality raw materials and more robust designs than other manufacturers.

To accommodate a wide variety of applications, Hitachi Cable offers dozens of unique designs intended to meet your specific needs. From high-flex to static, solid conductor to stranded, high-temperature to oil resistant, Hitachi has the right solution. Our most popular constructions are listed in this brochure. However, since engineering and manufacturing both occur in Manchester, New Hampshire, we can quickly and easily develop a custom cable if necessary.

Though product testing is extremely important with all cables, it is even more so with industrial cables. In addition to in-house testing, which includes environmental exposure testing in Hitachi Cable’s own environmental chambers, crush testing and electrical testing, flammability testing is performed to ensure the highest level of safety. Hitachi Cable utilizes Underwriters Laboratories (UL), the world leader in product testing, for all of its flammability testing.

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Harsh Environment Flexible Cable

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