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Hitachi Cable America, Manchester NH

Jacketed MCX™ Micro Coaxial Cables

jacketed mcx micro coaxial cable

MCX™ Cable

  • UL Style: 1354
  • UL Voltage Rating: 30V
  • UL Temp: 80°C

Jacketed MCX™ Micro Coaxial Cable Features

  • Small diameter and lightweight for easy routing
  • Excellent heat resistance and electrical properties with fluoropolymers
  • UL approved
  • FEP & PFA jackets aid in stripability over PET tapes
  • Excellent mechanical strength and flex life characteristics with copper alloy constructions

Jacketed MCX™ Micro Coaxial Cable Description

Jacketed MCX™ Micro Coaxial Cable Diagram

Basic construction uses a stranded copper alloy with PFA insulation. A spiral shield is then applied with either a right hand spiral (offering left hand neutralization) or a left hand spiral (offering a right hand neutralization). The final jacket consists of FEP or PFA

Part No. No. of Conductors Lay of MCX Color Shield available as conductor
40331-001-R-600 1 Left Hand Blue No
40331-001-L-000 1 Right Hand Black No
40333-001-R-600 1 Left Hand Blue No
40333-001-L-000 1 Right Hand Black No
40334-001-R-600 1 Left Hand Blue No
40334-001-L-000 1 Right Hand Black No
40335-001-R-600 1 Left Hand Blue No
40335-001-L-000 1 Right Hand Black No
40336-001-R-600 1 Left Hand Blue No
40336-001-L-000 1 Right Hand Black No

Note: The last three digits of the part number identify the color of Jackets: 000 = Black, 200 = Red, 300 = Orange, 400 = Yellow, 500 = Green, 600 = Blue. Note: 000 = Black and 600 = Blue are standard colors. Although not covered in the UL listing, the the current rating for a 40 AWG is 0.4 amp.

Jacketed MCX™ Micro Coaxial Cable Applications

  • Internal wiring of electronic equipment such as PC Notebooks, FPDs, LCDs and PDAs

Jacketed MCX™ Micro Coxial Cable RoHS Eco-Friendly Index

<90ppm <5ppm <5ppm <5ppm <1000ppm
Pb Cd Cr+6 Hg PBDE's

Hitachi Cable America is making every effort to provide Lead free and Cadmium free products to help protect our environment. To this end Hitachi Cable America, Inc. has adopted RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) as its standard. Hitachi's website Eco-Index is designed to inform the interested user of contents of various restricted or banned elements in terms of parts per million. In most cases, the numbers stated are from actual lab tests using the acid digestion method, considered to be the most severe measurement of analyzing content of restricted and banned elements. It is Hitachi's goal to be 100% compliant to European RoHS, including the removal of the Deca-BDE exemption dated July 1, 2008.