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Hitachi Cable America, Manchester NH

Extrusion Equipment


Medical machining and fabrication requires a very unique skill set and expertise. We have the experience, the tools, the capacity and quality to produce high-end downstream extrusion equipment and components. Whether it’s a customized piece of fabrication equipment or extrusion equipment such as extruder heads, tip and dies, cooling and vacuum tanks, conveyor systems, pay offs, winders or other downstream equipment, we have the in-house expertise to support you.

Our shop can design and fabricate customized solutions for highly specific applications in our state of the art CNC machine shop and then fabricate the full assembly in our same facility. All of our equipment and tooling components are specifically designed from a user’s perspective. We understand just how important this is since we manufacture much of the equipment for our own HTP-MEDS extruded products. We also working closely with many other providers in this space who too understand how the subtle details can greatly impact a design. A good example of this is how our troughs and cooling tanks are manufactured using rounded corners. We did this because of the difficulty that sharp corners pose when it comes to cleanliness and eliminating contamination in a tank. Which might sound trivial until that tank needs to be cleaned and pass quality certifications.

We can create custom tooling for just about any extrusion need.

  • Large scale equipment
  • Replacement components
  • Crossheads and in-line heads
  • Tips and dies for profile, multi-lumen and multi-layer tubing
  • Equipment & tooling specifically suited for specialty materials such as performance plastics, rubbers and silicone
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