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Hitachi Cable America, Manchester NH

Certified Installers

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What Do Certified Installers Receive

Once a Hitachi Cable certified installer application has been completed and the appropriate documentation is included, a potential certified installer will send the application to the Hitachi Cable sales representative they have worked with. The Hitachi Cable America facility in Manchester, NH is the only one to authorize certified installers and all applications are processed at this facility. Hitachi Cable America Certified BadgeUpon receiving a certified installer application and supporting documents, the materials are checked to ensure that everything is in order. If so, the application is processed. A new certified installer will receive a welcome letter from Hitachi Cable and an official certified installer certificate for their records. Certified installers hold Hitachi Cable certification for three years and the certification dates are listed on the certified installer certificate. Hitachi Cable encourages certified installers to keep their certifications current by reapplying prior to the close of the certification period.

Ultimate Warranty

cable technicianOnly cable systems installed by Hitachi Cable certified installers are eligible for Hitachi Cable America’s Lifetime Performance and Application Warranty. Similar to a certified installer application, Hitachi Cable requires a completed application and supporting documents in order to apply for a Hitachi Cable warranty. Test result findings are required to be submitted with the warranty application and all testers must meet Level II accuracy requirements as stated in TIA/EIA 568-C standard. Projects installed by Hitachi Cable certified installers and registered with Hitachi Cable America are backed by a lifetime product performance and applications assurance warranty for channels and permanent links. All warranty elements are coordinated through the Hitachi Cable America Manchester, NH facility to ensure one point of contact for all aspects of warranty execution and disposition.

Hitachi Cable America certified cable systems feature:

  • Compliance to TIA and ISO Cabling Standards
  • Lifetime Performance Warranty
  • Lifetime Applications Support Warranty
  • Transfer Option

Hitachi Cable defines “lifetime” as the useable life of the building being occupied by the warranty holder. As an added value to warranty holders, Hitachi Cable will even allow the warranty to be transferred to a new owner. Infrastructure retesting is required.

For over 100 years, Hitachi has been making cable. During that time, we have worked hard to become a name you can trust. When you want an exceptional product backed by an even more exceptional warranty, choose cables from Hitachi Cable America.

To learn more about becoming a certified HCA installer, please contact your local HCA representative or contact HCA’s Manchester office directly

Certified Installer Warranty Submission »